Server Housing

Server Housing

Securebit offers your company high-quality IT height units, high-availability IT infrastructure in its own high-performance data centers. We provide you with a high-performance, flexibly scalable infrastructure for your cloud computing environments as well as for server, storage or backup systems in order to guarantee the availability and quality of your data.

1 Unit2 Unit3 Unit4 Unit
Price99.00 CHFMonthly139.00 CHFMonthly179.00 CHFMonthly219.00 CHFMonthly
Setup fee 250.00 CHF250.00 CHF250.00 CHF250.00 CHF
Availability 5m5m5m5m
Rack units 1234
Switchport 1 Gbit/s1 Gbit/s10 Gbit/s10 Gbit/s
Transit 100 Mbit/s100 Mbit/s100 Mbit/s100 Mbit/s
Power 200 W200 W200 W200 W
IPv4 subnet 1x /32 1x /32 1x /32 1x /32
IPv6 subnet /128/128/128/128

We do our task perfectly.

Swiss Datacenter

Our data center is located in Switzerland, just outside of Zurich.

Redundant network

Our entire infrastructure is redundantly designed to rule out possible single point of failure.

Building Security

Our infrastructure is located in a secure data center, with fire protection, air conditioning and access control.

The multiple redundant 10 Gigabit access lines guarantee network access at the highest speed at all times.
We provide you with a number of useful documentation that will make it easier for you to use and administer our services.
If maintenance work or an emergency on-site visit is required, let us know and we will grant you access to your equipment accordingly. The effort will be charged according to our Fee regulations.


We have our own data centers and several high-performance servers at different locations, with connections to the largest exchange nodes. In addition, we attach great importance to the latest hardware and perfect connectivity to guarantee low ping and best availability.

Securebit datacenters

Our data centers are certified according to the information security standard ISO 27001 and the energy management standard ISO 50001.

In addition, we offer you the highest redundancy for power, cooling and network connection thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

Securebit Network

Our own redundant autonomous system (AS58057) ensures the fastest connection of your systems and enables us to provide the best possible external connection.

We have several major carriers that connect us to their high performance network.

Our entire infrastructure is fully IPv6 compatible. With the Internet Protocol of the future, there is no IP address shortage anymore.
Our certifications show what customers can expect from us - quality at the highest level in service delivery and in our solutions.
It is important to us to offer our customers the best support. Therefore we have decided as a team to make our Support Performance here accessible.