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Virtual Server

The virtual servers in our state-of-the-art data centers offer the highest performance through Intel® Xeon® processors as well as fast and redundant network connectivity for demanding tasks.

Your servers are hosted in our data centers in Zurich as well as in Frankfurt or Düsseldorf and thus meet the strict data protection regulations.

Virtual Server
Securebit Cloud Computing

Internet resources

Nowadays we are online anytime and anywhere. For each device connected to the Internet an IP address is needed. The addresses of the IPv4 protocol are now exhausted. Therefore a new protocol was already worked on some years ago: IPv6.

Most major providers already support the IPv6 protocol. Alternatively, so-called 6in4 Tunnel can be used. A tunnel is established between your device and a desired server and IPv6 is routed through this tunnel into the Internet. Take the opportunity now and secure your individual IPv6 address space for your company today.

Internet resources
Securebit Internete Resouces


  • Hosted Exchange
  • Sichere Datenablage
  • Webhosting
Securebit Solutions

Cloud Manager

The Securebit Cloud Manager makes server management simple and intuitive. Common tasks such as a manageing servers, internet resources, and adjusting access control are only a few clicks away.

Cloud Manager
Securebit Cloud Manager

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Virtual Server
CHF20.00 /mo
  • bis zu 8 vCPUs
  • bis zu 192 GB vRAM
  • bis zu 6 TB SSD/HDD
  • Optional BGP Full Feed
  • Optional Internet Exchange Ports
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Internet Ressourcen
CHF10.00 /mo
  • Autonome System Nummern
  • IPv4 PA Netze
  • IPv6 PA Netze
  • IPv6 PI Netze
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CHF10.00 /mo
  • 20 Webseiten
  • 15 Datenbanken
  • 50 Postfächer
  • Kostenlose TLS-Zertifikate
  • Administrationsöberfläche
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